Current Events/Social Issues

Students learn about or discuss current events, social issues, or recent news.

  • All About Summer: I want to~

    Ideal for Class 6 or special class with worksheet but no writing. It may be used at 5th or 6th grade elementary school.

  • AI Board

    AI board materials for the AI Unit in New Horizon Grade 2 Unit 3

  • September 2024 Calendar for English Boards

    Here is the September 2024 Calendar for your English boards if interested.

  • Time Capsule

    Time capsule worksheet I made for SHS.

  • English Newsletter

    A digital replacement for an English board

  • Slangs in North America! (modified ver.)

    slightly modified slang/SNS quiz made by janeenmp

  • Black History Month Lesson (Updated)

    A slideshow about black history month in February

  • Climate Change Lesson (SHS)

    This lesson focuses on listening and reading skills and helps to introduce climate change related vocabulary using student led learning.

  • Who Are the Ainu? Poster

    A poster about who the Ainu are, where they're from, and some information about food, crafts, and clothes

  • Halloween ~ Crossword Puzzle

    A halloween-themed activity that introduces common vocabulary of this event.

  • School Changes Voting Activity

    Voting and writing worksheet based on NH3 p. 69. Students can vote to keep/change school rules and add their own ideas.

  • September Calendar and Jewish Holiday Posters

    There are some fantastic resources for September English boards. Still, I wanted to add information on the most important Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which land in September.

  • Stevie Wonder, MLK and Nelson Mandela

    Listening activity about black history in America and South Africa.

  • July and August Calendars

    Calendars for July and August English Board

  • Pride Month Material

    There are a ton of great materials for pride month on this site and I thought I would add some more.

  • Group trivia game activity (Who/What/Which)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many fun trivias and questions from the book. (Blue Sky 3 - Target 14)

  • Pronoun Lesson - A New Way to Say "They"

    An inclusive English presentation structured to teach students how to use the genderless pronoun "they" in situations where gendered pronouns may not work.

  • SDGs - New Crown 3: Get Plus 2

    This lesson is meant to cover New Crown 3 GET +2 "If I were you..." and also enriches the lesson by providing a challenging activity where students write about and discuss SDGs in English!

  • Eiken Writing Worksheets

    Eiken writing worksheets for Grade 3, Grade Pre-2 and Grade 2

  • Eigo Radio

    At my school, we have had the tradition of broadcasting an Eigo Radio once a month during lunch! I hope you can start this tradition at your school too! :D

  • Prince Harry

    This worksheet includes a listening activity and brainstorm session. Students will also write what they think is the best part about being a prince.

  • Black History Month Presentation

    A presentation about black history.

  • Fast Fashion Kahoot

    A quiz/presentation with some video slides about the environmental impact of fast fashion. Also has some slides that introduce a few sustainable fashion brands in the Philippines.

  • They/them Pronouns Infographic

    Brief explainer of they/them pronouns and non-binary identity

  • Hanukkah Lesson

    A mix of a quiz and informational PowerPoint presentation on Hanukkah. After, the students can do an activity on writing holiday cards

  • "People Watching" and poster

    students practice "looks" for appearances and make a poster following New Horizon 1 textbook activity

  • World Toilet Day English Poster

    Poster for World Toilet Day (November 19th)

  • Geothermal Japan

    A reading activity that educates on geothermal energy use in Japan.

  • Black History Month Lesson

    Lesson for Black history month. Short Timeline of American Black History + Black history In Japan and Modernity

  • Environmental Issues Art

    Zip file of 6 illustrations relating to environmental issues.

  • Report on Endangered Animals

    Group worksheet based on New Horizon 3, Unit 3 activity "Protecting animals in Japan"

  • Earth Overshoot Day English Board

    Materials about Earth Overshoot Day for an English board

  • LGBT+ Flags Presentation Activity

    Presentation activity for students to learn LGBT+ acronym and about Pride Month.

  • LGBTQ+ Posters Pride Information

    English Board Materials

  • Let's Talk About Smartphones

    Students learn some useful phrases regarding smartphones, and then they write about if they think smartphones are good or bad.

  • Where should Naomi Osaka choose?

    Students discuss whether Naomi Osaka should choose to become a Japanese or American citizen.

  • Media Diet

    Students read an article and talk about their media consumption habits.

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