Is it possible for you to eat at Yo! Sushi?

Short introduction quiz

Short quiz to introduce "It is ~ for you to ~" and "Is it ~ for you to ~?"

I introduced the "Yo! Sushi" chain of Japanese restaurants from the UK and asked:

ALT: "Is it possible for you to eat salmon nigiri at Yo! Sushi?"
STUDENTS: Yes it is/no it isn't.

I then reveal the answer including the actual menu item - for an extra quiz I asked the students to shout out "how much?" as they're always pretty surprised at how expensive Japanese food is back home.

I then did UonumaRobert's "Where is it possible Quiz" ( and added a few local extra places.

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  • 3rd Grade Is it possible to eat at Yo Sushi.pptx (23.4 MB)
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    Submitted by TheGeordieGaijin July 1, 2021 Estimated time: 10-15 mins
    1. UonumaRobert July 1, 2021

      This is really nice looking. As a suggestion maybe follow it up with an activity where the students work in groups to present things about their town to the ALT. They could start with 'Our town is great! It's possible for you' and then they can explain a little.

    2. TheGeordieGaijin July 1, 2021

      Hi Robert and thanks again for the second activity - it was a hit. (A surprising number of them didn't know Cape Town at my school!)
      That's a good suggestion, but they'd just done a speaking test a few weeks ago about their town or another place in Japan they'd recommend.

    3. jiggswalsh October 14, 2021

      Edited this for a "Can you...?" and "You can..." special ed class today. Worked really well. The kids and teacher were really shocked by the prices! Great work thanks!

    4. jiggswalsh October 28, 2021

      Can anyone tell me what anime the gifs are from? Specifically the taiyaki and the salmon sushi ones.... A student is asking.

    5. Nisemono May 27, 2022

      The taikyaki gif is from the anime Kotoura-san. I have no idea about the salmon gif.

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