Specifically practices the word "Where."

  • Where is the beef from? SUGOROKU

    A board game speaking activity to practice "Where is the ____ from?, The ____ is from ____."

  • Where do you live?

    Simple interview game to help students learn how to ask; "Where do you live?". (Elementary School grades 5,6)

  • A Simple Town Map & Directions Cheatsheet

    A simple yet effective map to use during your New Horizon 5 Unit 5 activities. And a cheatsheet for giving directions.

  • This is my stew/salad/soup!

    New Horizon 6 Unit 6: A fun drawing worksheet to practice ''The ___ is from ___.''

  • Asking for directions.

    Easy activity to help students learning how to ask for directions.

  • What do I do here?

    A speaking and reading activity that is a combination of where and command grammar points

  • Picture Dictionary Animals & habitats [6th grade]

    Cards to use for students studying about animals. Junior Horizon 6th grade.

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 5 Educaplay activities

    Fun ways to practice target language and vocabularies.

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Mini Where's Wally

    Where's Wally PPT Quiz and Printables

  • The Mystery Box Game

    The mystery box game is a super fun power point game. customize all questions and pictures and animations freely. Have fun.

  • Where is the~

    This is a worksheet to practice the grammar "Where".

  • New Horizon 2 p73-74 BINGO

    How to/When to/what to/where to/ BINGO

  • How to/When to/what to/where to/ BINGO

    Using "How to/When to/what to/where to/" to interview others .

  • I see/ I spy game (How many~)

    A class based activity that is a question and answer format for the teachers and students. (Blue Sky 1 - Target 11)

  • Let's play tag - or just 鬼ごっこ

    An attempt at playing tag within a classroom but there's no running or touching. Practices prepositions (behind, in front of, between, near) and some school locations. For JHS 1 and maybe ES.

  • Countries - Where do you want to go?

    Introduction of some countries

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Question Words Poster

    A poster to use in your English classrooms or on your English board

  • I want to go to... Typhoon Game

    this file consist in a the presentation of countries food, activities, culture, nature and monuments and a Typhoon Game that is played in Groups. preferably 2 or 3.

  • My Best School Memory!

    It's not an activity but a slideshow and worksheet to help them memorizing the questions. Unit 7 in the textbook has answer sentences like "My best memory is ________." but...

  • Review Jeopardy (Template)

    Here is a template for Jeopardy (that can be used on older laptops).

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 8 School Map

    A school map you can use to let students practice giving directions.

  • Where is Kirby? Let's Try 2 Unit 8

    simple warm-up game to review the different places/rooms in the school.

  • Country Interview Activity Worksheet

    (Here We Go 5, Unit 6) Students walk around the room and ask each other which country they'd like to visit and why, filling out the worksheet as they go along.

  • Cooking Mama - Where is it From?

    A short powerpoint game to Introduce/review the phrase "Where is it from?".

  • Animals and their regions (Video quiz)

    An online quiz related to Unit 5 of New Horizon 6. Elementary 6th Graders The purpose is to recall animals and their origins using ''(animals) live in the (area).''

  • Where is Pusheen?

    Give directions to help Hello Kitty follow Pusheen around town.

  • Where is the Post Office Worksheet

    A simple worksheet meant for partner work, where students place locations on a simple map and guide each other.

  • Where is...? / Where do you...? Quiz

    In this first year activity, students practice how to construct 'where' questions. They work together to think of a question that matches the answer. Points are given for accuracy and creativity.

  • Where do you want to go?

    I used these PowerPoints to introduce landmarks from different countries instead of using flash cards.

  • Where is Goku?

    basic powerpoint to practice Where. A great warm up activity and is good for Special Needs classes.

  • Where do you have English today?

    Students fill in the missig information by completing the conversation using where and when.

  • When / Where practice

    Students fill in the blanks and ask teachers where the US states are.

  • Where is Pikachu? School Pokemon Hunt

    Vocabulary practice activity to go with the rooms/areas of the school introduced in the school section of the New Horizon Elementary Picture Dictionary.

  • Pikachu! Where are you?

    Chase Pikachu around the city and then let the kids give it a try themselves

  • Is it possible for you to eat at Yo! Sushi?

    Short introduction quiz

  • Animal Crossing Travel

    Activity for "be going to" / future

  • Prepositions ON IN UNDER BY

    I used this presentation in 5th Grade ES and 7th Grade JHS.

  • Are you? Guess who

    Students guess which character their partners are by asking are you/wh questions

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