Let's Try 2: First Semester Review"2 Truths 1 Lie"

This is to review the vocabulary the students learned in the first semester.

  1. First, demonstrate to students by saying three things that you "like", preferrably with flashcards for better recall. For example, "Let's play soccer." "Let's play tag." "Let's play hide and seek."
  2. Now show the ○○ and ✖ sign and tell them that two things are true and one is a lie. Call random students to guess which one is the lie. If a student guessed it right, tell them he/she cleared the round. There will be four rounds for this activity.
  3. Hand out worksheets and give them time to answer each section. After the time given, ask students to quiz each other in pairs first using the first round of information they wrote. Once they got the hang of it, they can start quizzing other students in class.
  4. It's advised for them to play RSP to decide who will guess first. Once the selected classmate guessed the lie, they can switch roles.

1. You can use a timer for each round. For example, if one minute passed and a pair still hasn't cleared the round, they have to find a different partner for the next round and try again. If they cleared the round before the one minute mark, they should go back to their seats and prepare for the next round. There is a space in each round where they can write the name of their classmates who guessed the lie correctly.
2. To make the quiz more competitive, you can give them 2 minutes each round to quiz as many classmates as they can. At the end of all four rounds, ask the ss how many classmates guessed the lies in total. The ss who have the highest number will be called the "Quiz Master/s"

*Make sure to practice first the sentences for each round that need to be said during the game.
*For classes with lower level students, they can write in Japanese (katakana/hiragana) but encourage them to say at least the words, if not the sentences, in English.

Please feel free to modify the game and worksheet as you wish. I hope this helps.

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