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Let's Try 2 page 6

Let's play cards.

Linked Activities

  • Let's Try 2: First Semester Review"2 Truths 1 Lie"

    This is to review the vocabulary the students learned in the first semester.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 clothes/weather game

    Made for Let's Try 3rd grade. Have students practice colors, weather and names of some clothing items by dressing a character.

  • How's the Weather? Board Game

    A simple board game to practice "How's the weather?" and weather vocabulary.

  • How's the Weather?- Card Collecting Game

    Simple game using weather cards based on the power of Janken and Luck!

  • How's the weather today?

    Board game designed to be placed on an English board or used as an activity for students during the lesson.

  • Let's Try 2: Unit 2 (Weather Board game)

    This is a weather board game I created using Canva. Attached to this are large picture cards and the game board. This was inspired by thaist.

  • Japan Weather Report

    How's the weather? How about elsewhere in Japan? A quick presentation/drill and worksheet to practice talking about the weather in different Japanese prefectures.

  • How's the Weather Map Activity

    Very simple warm up for practicing asking "How's the weather?"

  • How's the weather? Board game

    A simple board game with roulette wheel for students to practice different response to the question How's the weather?

  • It's snowy...Boots, please!

    A simple drawing activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 2 to practice weather, clothing, and colors!

  • Super Mario Classroom A3 Posters

    ES Let's Try 1 & 2 Chapters 1-4


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