What`s in the Box?!?!

Points based team game

Submitted by jiggswalsh

July 21, 2021

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

What`s in the Box?!?

A game inspired by video game YouTubers who get sent games then share the unboxing on their channels (I need to get out more!).

Simple activity, good for reviews or anything really. I have used it in junior high and elementary schools

-I put the students in groups of 3-4 and get them to janken to decide the order.
-First student stands, show the question, fastest to raise their hand can answer (or janken after 5 seconds thinking time), if they get it right they can choose a box.
-Click A, B or C to make it disappear and show points.
-There are "special" prizes (Bad prizes. Like a half eaten apple or sandwich, a stone, some tissues, a PlayStation box (empty), etc... which I do as zero points just for fun and the kids usually think it`s hilarious. You could give points if you like or special prize means you can roll a dice for points or something else).

Note: I tend to shuffle the box screens each time I use this so I dont know whats coming.

Have fun and a nice summer vacation!

  • Whats in the box TEMPLATE.pptx (3.42 MB)
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    1. Cambo_theavgactionhero August 2, 2022

      I love the colour scheme.

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