I Wish Modal Could Interview Bingo

Interview bingo to practice I wish I could/had for the Modal Could grammar point.

Submitted by altirasuto

August 19, 2021

Estimated time: 25 min

This is an interview bingo to practice "I wish" with I could and I had. However, it doesn't need to be played as bingo.

Since it is an interview activity, it's best if the kids have practice with using wish in question form and in answering using I wish followed by had/ could. The style of questions and answers are varied and would be difficult for kids first learning the grammar point.

I haven't done this activity myself yet as I made this during summer break in preparation for upcoming lessons, but here is how I am planning to run it:

  1. Give kids the papers and read over the questions and answers in the boxes. Have them repeat after you. Make sure the kids understand the meaning of the questions. Have your JTE help if necessary. (5 min)
  2. Have the kids fill in their answers in the My Answer (自分の答え) section. Set a timer but ask the kids if they need more time after 5 minutes. (5-10min)
  3. Demonstrate how to interview with the JTE. Ask the first question and use the example response at the top of the page. Show on the board where to write the interviewee's name and their answer (相手の名前、相手の答え) (this is just below the interviewer's answer). (2 min)
  4. Release the kids and have them try to fill in all the boxes. If there isn't much time, then use it as a bingo sheet and have the kids try to fill in the answers for 3 boxes that would make a bingo. (Horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). I recommend setting a rule that they need to ask a different classmate for each question. (10 min)
  5. Check who got bingo or finished their sheet and review any problem areas. (3 min)

I did want to include a writing section at the bottom but I ran out space and usually don't have time for it anyway. It might be good to add one on the bottom or back of the sheet if you do sentence writing at the end of class or something!

This may very likely be too difficult for some classes, so I would break it into two days. On the first day, have them think about their answers and allow them to use their textbook, dictionaries, and ask the JTE/ALT for help. Focus just on them writing their own answers. On the second day, do the interview section. Allow them to write their interviewee's response in Japanese as well. Another option is to change the questions to ones which make them choose from two options. There is one of these in the activity already (Do you wish you could fly like a bird or swim like a fish?). If you do these kinds of questions, the kids can still practice I wish I could/had without struggling to think of an answer from scratch.

  1. Charg January 27, 2022

    This activity went so smoothly! I love the illustrations that you used! We ended up adding a writing section to practice "he/she wishes..." using the answers from the bingo board and it worked out really well.

  2. altirasuto January 28, 2022

    Relieved to hear that! I was worried it might be too difficult. Glad you added a writing section, too. As for the illustrations, thanks!! I drew them :)

  3. financially_broke_ALT November 11, 2022

    This activity went really well! This grammar point is difficult to make activities for. The activity covered the grammar nicely :)

  4. yellowbird February 13, 2023

    I also agree! This activity gave the Japanese Teachers who arent very good at conversational English a simple chance to enjoy an activity with their students! It only happened once in this Unit, but I was glad the Teacher and Students both really enjoyed this activity and talking with each other. It made me so happy.

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