I like ~ Powerpoint Quiz Game

A group game made for Elementary 3rd grade for Let's Try 1 Unit 4

I made this powerpoint game to mix up the textbook monotony! Specifically geared toward the I like ~ Unit 4 in the Let's Try 1 textbook.

The first half goes over all the vocabulary that is used in the game. It pretty much follows what they are using in the book, so it includes colors, sports, fruits and vegetables. I added in some characters for extra fun. After reviewing the vocabulary there is a rules slide that explains how there are various points from 1~5 but also 2 special point cards hidden as well - a tornado that takes away your points and a pancake that doubles your points. (Please feel free to change the these or get rid of them if you want!)

I split them up into groups, then explained each group would pick something they liked and together had to say "I like ~". So if they chose red everyone in the group had to say "I like red." Then you click on red and see what points appear. There are 24 questions so depending on how many groups you have, everyone can get 2+ chances.

I kept track of points on the board, however I did notice that I happen to have a really competitive group of 3rd graders and there was some crying during and after the game.... so beware of that.

This could definitely use some improvements, but it worked out for the time that we used it!
Feel free to change anything to fit your needs, or use as is!

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  • 3rd grade I like unit 4.pptx (1.9 MB)
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    Submitted by shinjirarenai November 10, 2021 Estimated time: 30~45mins
    1. clr12 June 21, 2023

      I'm nervous about the crying part lol

    2. fabiakhan June 17, 2024

      so creative! thank you!

    3. aika29 June 20, 2024

      I would like to use this activity but when i click the picture it wont appear. Help please.

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