Practices words for food, introduces new food, or involves the students making or eating food.

  • "What's this?" Spotlight Quiz (3rd grade)

    Spotlight quiz for incoming 3rd graders. Reviews animals and fruits

  • Parfait, Pizza, T-Shirt Party!!

    Review for fruits, vegetables, animals, shapes, colours and numbers!

  • Summer BBQ/Picnic Plan

    Students make a plan in English for Summer BBQ or Picnic in pairs or groups of three and then present them in the same class.

  • Short and Simple U.K. Quiz

    Suitable for JHS grade 1 level (or higher) students.

  • Special Needs Jeopardy

    Jeopardy style quiz.

  • Ordering Food "What would you like?"

    Ordering food from restaurants game

  • Unicorn Game "What __ do you like?" YearEnd ES 4-6

    Speaking and Listening Game to review basic English Conversation skills: What color/sports/animal/fruits... do you like?" "I like ___." Students receive 1 question each, and ask all their classmates.

  • 6th grade New Horizons Final Test

    a quick final and script to check what students have learned at the end of the semester

  • Connect Three Year-End Review Games for ES

    Boardgame Designs to review, let students practice speaking English Vocabulary: Colors, Numbers 1-20, Weather, Fruits, Sports, Shapes, Animals. Same Mechanics as the original Connect Four Boardgame.

  • Challenge and Judge Stamp Rally

    Students ask each other to listen and judge and sign a sheet of paper that has 31 English "challenges".

  • Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 KAHOOT

    A Kahoot review game for Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 with a BONUS section of one question each from all previous units.

  • Passport Activity (I want to/I will/I'm going to)

    A personalized conversation activity with no writing. Students ask and answer questions with each other using target grammar, based on a travel itinerary they create.

  • Leveled Up Karuta

    Karuta game that gives Ss a chance to perform both sides of any TL/frees up teachers to provide support for less abled Ss.

  • Spy Family / James Bond Restaurant

    a dialogue activity based off of New Horizon 1 p.116 (no prep. required)

  • 4th gr This is my day - Make your own story

    Instead of using the very limited cards and just decide the time schedule of your story, the student get a wider field of view, they get freedom to tell the story from their own creativity.

  • Ordering Food

    Practice ordering food in pairs

  • 3nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd grade questions.

  • Mario Party 3rd/4th Grade

    remake of the original for 3rd/4th grade

  • 4nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd and 4th grade questions.

  • ES 6th Gr Jinsei Game for the end of the Year

    It is for ES 6th graders. Many reviews from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Gr levels.

  • Kirby's Cafe - I like (Food & Drink)

    This is a simple power point game to practice the phrase “I like______” by naming different food and drinks to get points.

  • No Prep Speaking Activity - Zombie Game

    Need a last minute speaking activity that requires no prep? The zombie game encourages students to practice speaking using the most recent grammar points, win-win for everyone!


    All the snake games I've made so far compiled into one activity! (Worksheet for an easy pairs janken racing game to review/practice vocabulary.)

  • What's This? 3Hint Quiz Food edition (ES 3年生)

    A menu of possible food answers (most are previously taught in Let's Try Textbook ES 3年生 or common foods known by Japanese in their English name). Students give hints on Shape, Color, First Letter

  • Apples to Apples

    Otherwise known as Cards Against Humanity. A card game to get students using English, while thinking about the likes and dislikes of their classmates.

  • Snake Game - 5年Unit6 (ES)

    Worksheet for a pairs janken racing game to review/practice vocabulary. Theme: Food & Prices

  • Jeopardy Review (E.S. Grades 3 and 4)

    A fun game to help elementary school grades 3 and 4 to review some vocabulary that they've learned from the Let's Try 1 and 2 textbooks.

  • Snake Game - 4年Unit7 (ES)

    Worksheet for a pairs janken racing game to review/practice vocabulary. Theme: fruits & vegetables

  • How much is it? : THE PRICE IS RIGHT game

    Here we go 5 Unit 7, the price is right game. The food listed in this game are vocabularies they learnt in the unit plus the store where the food is bought or famous for. Prices are as of 2023.

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 8 (What's this? Quiz)

    Powerpoint quiz for students to practice using the "What's this?" prompt.

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Christmas Powerpoint Lesson (intro, foods, quiz)

    Christmas powerpoint with Christmas words in English, foods around the world, and a quiz.

  • Best Online Link:Make a Parfait/Pizza !

    online link that's compatible to students'/teachers' tablets no prep needed! just send the link to your HRT and they will set it up on LoiloNote. easy to use and has many customization buttons

  • Make a Pizza!

    This is my first attempt at making an actual game. So please give me feedback!

  • Order a Pizza

    Role play and worksheet all in one. Take your partner's order and make your partner's pizza, then deliver! (Yet another variant of Let's Try 2, Unit 7, Activity 2).

  • Find the Elf (fruits & veggies version)

    Original by GinaG! This version uses fruits and veggies.

  • Preserved Foods

    To go with the Big Dipper English Communication 2 textbook lesson on Preserved Foods, but can be used in general

  • Restaurant activity (Digital Wallet)

    Elementary School grade 5 or higher.

  • The Price Is Right

    Made for Here We Go 5 Unit 7. In teams, students try to guess the price of a food item in the ALT's home country. Used for practicing larger numbers and prices.

  • British food presentation

    A short presentation on British food with a small quiz at the end.

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