Practices colors (red, green, blue, and so on).

  • 3-Hint Quiz/Forehead Cards (Let's Try 1 Unit 9)

    Students use colors and other simple adjectives to guess animals.

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Colors Bingo! (Let's Try 1 Unit 4)

    A variation of the "find someone who" game in the shape of a bingo board.

  • 6nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points throughout Elementary School English lessons.

  • Glorb's Cannon

    Practice your correct spelling knowledge and shoot Glorb as far as you can!

  • Let's Try 3rd grade Unit 2 clothes/weather game

    Made for Let's Try 3rd grade. Have students practice colors, weather and names of some clothing items by dressing a character.

  • Lets Try 1 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • Doraemon Review Quiz

    18 Question review quiz with Doraemon characters. Behind each door is a character or gadget. The goal is to find Nobita and friends.

  • Mario Mystery Box

    geared for 4th grade

  • Year End Review- ES 1st Grade

    Year End review for 1st grade Elementary School .

  • Many Elementary School Crosswords

    Need a vocabulary worksheet right now? Want something to hand students when you have extra time? Give them a crossword!

  • Review 5th grade by a board game

    Let your 5th graders enjoy this game and practice language they were exposed to during the year.

  • Reach that goal!

    (Color Maze Activity)

  • Stop!

    Fun activity to practice any grammar point.

  • Let's practice shapes with Totoro and others

    Let's Try 3 ~ To find the hidden characters they have to say the name of the shapes and their colors as a review.

  • Guess Who (Speaking Activity Game)

    "GUESS WHO" Each student selects a character and writes it down without showing it to their partner. They take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess which character is the correct one

  • 3 Hint Character Quiz

    A 3 hint character quiz that can be used for upper elementary (grades 5-6) to junior high (grade 1).

  • English Sugoroku 3rd Grade Review

    Review Board Game for 3rd grade

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Let's Try 1 (3rd grade)

    A list of links to play Kahoot quizzes that correspond with the vocabulary from Let's Try 1 textbook for 3rd grade students in Elementary school.

  • Color Scavenger Hunt PowerPoint

    A PowerPoint to support a color scavenger hunt game in class.

  • What food do they like? PowerPoint Game

    A PowerPoint game where the students practice colors to help them reveal popular characters eating a food they like.

  • Christmas Presentation and Present Guessing Game

    A short presentation about American Christmas and a game about guessing what's inside the present!

  • Jeopardy Game for 3-4 Grader

    General Knowledge Quiz

  • 5th grade 2nd Term review BOARD GAME

    A board game that lets the 5th graders review 2nd term language from English classes

  • Christmas Shapes PowerPoint Game

    A PowerPoint game where students learn shapes and colors while making Christmas pictures

  • Kirby Christmas - Shapes and Colors

    A Christmas themed activity for practicing, colors, shapes and prepositions.

  • Which Present Do You Want?

    Santa gives out some presents to the students! Let them choose a colored present and reveal what's inside.

  • Shopping at Zara

    This activity allows students to talk about shopping and practice a conversation between a Store Clerk and Customer.

  • Color by Numbers - Halloween Pumpkin

    Color listening quiz, followed by a coloring sheet.

  • Color and Number Matching Practice

    This is a worksheet I used for my special needs class to have them practice their familiarity with colors and numbers.

  • Daily Diary (daily questions worksheet)

    A short, simple daily questions worksheet that can easily be changed to be effective for all grade levels in ES and JHS.

  • Mickey and Friends(Colors)

    Choose the colors you see in Mickey and Friends Characters.

  • Colour Dobble (ft. Pikachu!)

    13 card Dobble that's presented as lovingly as possible with the original circular card designs and a visit from phat Pikachu.

  • Character Colour-In! (Starter Activity)

    Interactive whiteboard activity for ES Students featuring Pokemon, Sumikko Gurashi and more.

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • Color Bingo

    Students color in the bingo squares per their liking and the teacher randomly picks/draws colors.

  • What Color is Among Us?

    Find the impostor! (Colors Practice)

  • Colour Shuffle

    Go through basic colours with students. Beginners level.

  • Dobble (shapes, colours, common words)

    A version of the Dobble or Spot It! game for ES students. A speed-based game to practice vocabulary. It is good for warm-ups or during extra time at the end of class. 3-5 players.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Which Present Do You Want?

    Santa gives out some presents to the students! Let them choose a colored present and reveal what's inside.

  • Foods from Around the World

    A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world.

  • Let's Play Bingo!: Bingo cards for tablets

    An online bingo card generator that you can use with tablets.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

  • 4 hint quiz

    A quiz giving easy hints to an animal that the students guess.

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