Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Bonfire night points game!

Submitted by jiggswalsh

November 29, 2021

Inspired by: Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

Estimated time: 15-30 minutes

Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Better late than never. Sorry I am posting so late! You can use it next year at least...

This is my bonfire night points activity. The King is having a party with his "friends" and we have to clear the gunpowder barrels! But be careful, they could blow at any moment!

Points activity to use with your choice of grammar or style of activity. Can be used as a writing activity or a run and tell the teacher the answer activity.
-Show the question.
-Click again to start the gunpowder burning.
-Check the answer and choose a barrel.
-Note your points.
-When the gunpowder burns all the way to the end, it blows and your time is up! (I did -5 points if you can`t clear a barrel).
-Have fun!

To change the amount of time for each question, change the third and fourth animation duration to the desired time!
(make sure you make them the same number though!) (currently set to 59 seconds)

Have a great week peeps!


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