Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

November 28, 2019

Inspired: Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Inspired: Bobbing for Apples!

Estimated time: Quiz and Writing Game might take most of the lesson although some groups might finish very fast

UPDATE 2022: I've added a version for CAN practice and Adverbal Infinitive. For a warmup it starts with 'Eraser Game'. This is also known as the keyword game. The students sit in pairs with an eraser between them. They take turns making sentences as the animals move and music plays. When the eraser suddenly appears they should stop talking and try and grab the eraser. The student that grabs it first is the winner. Control of this activity is linear. Just click forward to make the animals start moving and then wait for the timer (generally 15 to 30 seconds).

NOTE: I've removed previous versions of this activity since I'm in the process of updating a lot of material. I'll repost them when I'm about to use them in class.

I generally use a tablet in class connected to a projector. This way the students can manage the game and the teachers can focus on checking answers and helping groups. If you can't use a tablet in class one teacher checks answers and another manages points. It is slower but it still works.

PART ONE: A speaking quiz game. The students make groups and one member comes up and answers the question to one of the teachers. If correct I let them tap the pencil they want on the tablet and then they record their teams points. Continue until each team has a chance or a reasonable amount of time has passed. You then click on the question to see the answer and click on the answer for the next screen. If you click on the picture it takes you to the last question. Do that if you are low on time.

PART TWO: Talk Time
Most of my classes start with free talk or small talk for a minute at the beginning of class. This is another version of that starting with a question from the previous activity. The circle is a one minute timer. I usually do a short demo with the teacher and then the students can talk in pairs within their groups.

PART THREE: Writing Game
The demo screen shows two example questions. At this point you hand out worksheets to each student and question sheets to each group. They work together, take turns bringing their answers to a teacher and then click on pencils to get points. If there are no more pencils on the screen they can click the next screen arrow. At the end you can click the home button. It takes you to the first screen where you can click the crossed pencils to see the end sign. If you end up there by mistake click the double arrow and that will bring you back into the game.

Small files
  • 1. ERASER GET and PENCILS Games CAN Practice.docx (92.4 KB)
  • 2. ERASER GET and PENCILS Games INFINITIVE Adv. and Adj. Review.docx (92.2 KB)
  • 3. PENCILS and BOMBS Quiz and Writing 'Present Perfect - Present Perfect Continuous'.docx (50.8 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 1. ERASER GET and PENCILS Games CAN Practice.pptx (8.41 MB)
  • 2. ERASER GET and PENCILS Games INFINITIVE Adv. and Adj. Review.pptx (13.3 MB)
  • 3. PENCILS and BOMBS Quiz and Writing 'Present Perfect - Present Perfect Continuous'.pptx (5.39 MB)
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    1. JDNAGANO December 2, 2019

      for the 1st year ppt writing section example, the phrase written is 彼はコナンできます。 You meant 彼はコナンです。 right?

    2. UonumaRobert December 2, 2019

      Yes I did. The auto fill in with the kanji got me there. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it up.

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