Which is the best & is as cute as Questions

Powerpoint to review comparatives & superlatives and introduce new grammar

Submitted by MrIssei

December 9, 2021

Inspired: Comparative (as ~ as)

Estimated time: 25 - 50 minutes. You can do more or less questions depending on the time

A lot of different questions crammed into a single powerpoint covering Comparatives, Superlatives, Comparatives (as __ as), and even a brief introduction to adverbs. Visuals make it pretty easy to understand. Instructions are posted right on to the powerpoint but overall should be easy to use!

I've run this powerpoint 5 times this week so I think I have caught all the typos and kinks but if there are any issues please comment to let me know~!

As always feel free to pick and choose what is useful from this powerpoint~!

Happy Holidays~!
Mr.Issei, December 2021

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    1. UonumaRobert December 9, 2021

      The Mario and Luigi jump button is a very nice touch. I might have to add it to one of my comparative reviews.

    2. toyowoka November 16, 2022

      Hello Mr. Issei. Great powerpoint! I like the effects and animations. I noticed that for the slide with the bison, moose, rhino, etc., asking about which are as heavy as the bison, that it says "an elephant/rhino/hippo is not as heavy as a bison", while it shows that these animals are heavier. To me, this phrasing implies that the bison is heavier. Otherwise, I enjoy this powerpoint! Great job!

    3. kusobaba November 29, 2022

      Thanks for this very good-looking presentation. As mentioned above one of the slides comparing a bison with other animals has several incorrect comparisons and needs to be edited. It's easy to edit, I just put the bison first in all the slide's comparisons to keep the fonts consistent. Great work.

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