Comparative (as ~ as)

I'm as tall as my sister.

Japanese name: 比較級 (hikaku-kyuu)

One thing to keep in mind when teaching this grammar point is that the negative sentence has an implicit comparison. For example, "I am not as tall as my sister" implies that your sister is the tallest of the two people being compared.

  • Classroom Olympics

    I used this material for reviewing my 2nd year students after their JTE's taught them the concepts of Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • JHS (二年生) - Draw the Faces Comparative/Superlative

    A pretty hilarious drawing exercise to practice comparatives and superlatives by drawing three people's faces.

  • Review Game for Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is an activity which you may use for comparatives er - than,more - than, superlatives the - est, the most and as - as.

  • Speed Comparisons

    Speaking and listening activity that emphasizes quick thinking.

  • Mad Libs: Valentine's Day

    I've provided 2 Mad-Libs that use basic parts of speech. The one for 2nd and 3rd years uses comparatives. I titled them "Ad-Libs" to avoid copyright issues.

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 6 Review


  • As ~ as Pokemon Puzzle

    Students use the "as ~ as" clues to work out who the Pokemon are!

  • No Prep Comparatives game

    Fun game for the students to practice using comparatives, plus they get to help set it up

  • Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz Game

    Quiz for JHS 2nd graders to review comparative and superlative. It lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on your students' abilities and how you conduct the game.

  • Gotta Compare 'Em All! (simplified)

    Compare Pokemon cards (using comparative and superlative sentences) and win or lose your Pokemon!

  • Haikyuu Trading Cards

    SWBAT effectively make comparative and superlative sentences using trading cards.

  • Pokemon Card Top Trumps : Updated

    A fun comparative and superlative game that also helps students practice numbers.

  • Art Taboo (Art Telephone Game)

    A fun, active activity designed to imrpove student's spoken communication by relaying information about an image in pairs. Works for all age groups with some modification.

  • As ~ As Comparative Activity

    Dirrectly inspired from Silverflower18's As ~ As Comparative worksheet and activity style.

  • New Horizon 2 Unit 6 Kahoot!

    Unit 6 (Research Your Topic) Review.

  • As ~ As Activity

    An activity that uses comparative and superlative sentences.

  • Comparative (as ~ as)

    Worksheet that focuses on the as ~ as comparative form, as outlined on page 90 of New Horizons 2

  • Comparative Competition and Logic puzzle

    Great fun teamwork games to help JHS students with comparative

  • Comparison sentence translations!

    A variety of sentences using comparison grammar to practice Japanese to English translations.

  • Kahoot Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is a Kahoot Game for New Horizons 2 covering Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • Comparatives Jeopardy (Autumn Themed)

    An autumn themed Jeopardy to practice comparatives and superlatives

  • As much as vs. as many as quiz game

    A simple powerpoint quiz game practicing when to use much vs. many for comparisons: Twice as much, half as many, etc.

  • Gotta Compare 'Em All! POKEMON!!!

    In groups, students collect and compare Pokemon cards, while also practicing other comparatives, to build the best Pokemon deck.

  • Which is the best & is as cute as Questions

    Powerpoint to review comparatives & superlatives and introduce new grammar

  • Comparatives/ Superlatives Cards

    Set of 48 cards using comparatives and superlatives.

  • Comparatives and Superlatives Art

    Zip file of about 25 illustrations relating to comparatives and superlatives.

  • Comparing Pokemon

    An activity in which students compare pokemon. This can be used for any of the comparison or superlative grammars: ~er, ~est, more, most, as ~as.

  • FUN SHAPES 'Are as fun as it gets'

    A point get game for practicing 'She runs faster than me' and 'Cats are as cute as dogs'

  • Comparative student search

    Students practice comparative grammar by stacking themselves up against their classmates.

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