Comparative (as ~ as)

Worksheet that focuses on the as ~ as comparative form, as outlined on page 90 of New Horizons 2

Submitted by jonnysniper

February 7, 2023

Inspired by: Which is the best & is as cute as Questions

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

A quick worksheet I threw together for the as ~ as comparative form, as my JTE wanted to focus on it. My initial inspiration was a PowerPoint put together by MrIssei covering comparatives and superlatives.

Round 1 - Fill in the blanks! (5 minutes)
Students examine the diagrams and attempt to input the correct adjectives to complete the sentences. It may be worth running through the vocabulary together as a class, before they start.

Round 2 - Write the sentence! (3 minutes)
Students have to write the entire sentence from scratch, using the diagrams. I've included the Japanese words for the adjectives in the diagram, to ensure they focus solely on the grammar.

Round 3 - Challenge! Use your own ideas (5 minutes)
Students have to write two sentences using the target grammar, using their own ideas/thoughts. I've included a list of adjectives to help them along, but may be worth writing some examples together on the board first.

Bonus - Idioms (2 minutes)
Quick review of two idioms that use the target grammar. If your JTE doesn't permit the use of Japanese in the classroom, it may be worth removing these.

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