Tea from around the world

Powerpoint lesson with video about different teas.

Made as a supplement to New Crown 2 Lesson 6 Use Read, but also if you just want to talk about tea!

Travel around the globe to learn about 6 different kinds of tea!
Simple PowerPoint with video clips broken up and presented before infographic panels.
6 multiple-choice questions at the end to test their listening and comprehension ability.

Clips taken from:

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  • NC2-Lesson 6 Use Read About Chinese Tea ALT.pptx (74.6 MB)
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    Submitted by MrIssei January 27, 2022 Estimated time: 15 minutes
    1. ezedebella January 28, 2022

      It's very nice, thanks for including Argentina :) I only have a little silly observation, the drink is called only 'mate'. Yerba mate is how we call the herbs. Also, it's written with only one 't'. Thanks again!

    2. Viking February 9, 2022

      I used this in my JHS special needs class. It took a whole 50 minute period to get through (we replayed the videos a lot!), but the kids and teachers really enjoyed it (part of the reason it took so long. I think we watched the Egypt video 5 times, the sphinx drinking the tea was very fascinating). I also printed out some tea colouring pages for them to colour in if it didn`t take the whole block, but I ended up not needing them.

      Thanks for making this!

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