Sydney Royal Easter Show: Pumpkin Thief

Short logic puzzle using the present continuous form.

Introduce the Sydney Royal Easter Show to the class. It's an annual agricultural show in Sydney, Australia. Show pictures and maps from the website []

Use the first page of the attached docx file or pdf as a worksheet. Students should work in pairs if social distancing rules permit.

Read out the clues on the second page of the attached files. Read them in any order. Then, read them again while also writing them on the board/TV screen/videoconference chat. Alternatively, use the attached pptx file to show the clues. It is set up to run automatically in "kiosk" mode.

Students should then deduce the identity of the pumpkin thief. Pssst: it's John.

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki January 31, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

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