Past Tense 2 Truths and a Lie

Review past tense and was/were through the game two truths and a lie

Made to review both past tense verbs and was/were. Can easily be changed to just one of those two grammar points.

First is a built-in demo. In section 1, write your own example sentences, having two be the truth and one being a lie. Read them aloud and have the kids pick ○ for truth or × for lie. Have the JTE ask questions to find out the correct answers. In my example I wrote "I ate pasta yesterday." The JTE would ask, "Did you eat pasta yesterday?" If I answer with "Yes, I did," it means ○ is correct. If I say "No, I didn't," then it means × is correct. Students should check their guesses to see if they match. If reviewing simple past and was/were, then be sure to include a was sentence in your examples so that the question form is demonstrated as well.

Then give the kids time to write their own sentences, depending on their level this may take some time. I usually provide 10 minutes and ask if they need more time after that.

Now it's time to share. You can form pairs, groups, or have them interview freely. Student A will read their 3 sentences aloud to Student B. Student B then picks 2 as ○ and 1 as × and writes down their guesses on their sheet. They then ask Student A questions to find out the correct answers using "Did you~?" or "Were you~?" Student A answers accordingly and for each correct guess, Student B gets 1 point.

You could add a writing section to make it a fully rounded review activity that practices he/she, etc.

Submitted by altirasuto February 9, 2022 Estimated time: 25-30 min

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