New Horizon 5: Unit 8 Who is your hero?

A short presentation to introduce the goal of Unit 8. Model some of the target sentences using this presentation.

Submitted by ccabusas

February 22, 2022

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

Intended for:

  • New Horizon Elementary 5 page 74
  • We used this in class to introduce Unit 8. My JTE wanted the students to use their own Chromebooks to find information about their heroes hence the last slide.
    Slide 1: Introduce the new unit and read the goal together.
    Slide 2: Add a picture (yourself or someone else) and information. This is to introduce "good at" I personally used, "I'm good at cooking." then I showed some pictures of my homecooked meals.
    Slides 3-6: Show pictures of some notable Japanese people and ask students to guess what they are good at. I used people that I personally admire so feel free to change them to yours. I used the questions, "What is he/she good at?" and "What does he/she do?" in these slides and the いらすとや images were the hints they could choose from. I made sure to use the target sentence a lot to elicit a response from them because I wanted them to get really used to hearing and hopefully using the target language.
    Slides 7-8: These slides will also show the other target sentence, "He/She is always..." I elicited the days of the week to put emphasis on the word, "always".
    Slide 9: Finally show a sample of what their "This is my hero" card could look like by the end of the unit. Please don't judge me here because I honestly respect this man's visions for humanity. Also, this wasn't the first time the kids were seeing him because a lot of them are really into space topics so they are pretty much familiar with SpaceX already. But please go ahead and change it to whoever you see fit.
    Slide 10: From the previous slide, transition to the general question of the unit.
    Slide 11: Visual aid for the research task.

  • This is My Hero U8.pptx (22.9 MB)
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