Shocking News

students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

Submitted by stadiumkaylam

June 7, 2022

Estimated time: 20-25 minutes

I created this activity to take up the last half of class for JHS 3rd grade to practice passive voice.

First, use the picture cards to give a visual while you read the script from the worksheet. Don't hand out the worksheet yet, you want students to be focused on your words and the pictures. In pairs/groups have the students discuss the story you just told and guess it's meaning. The story I found was a true story of news from the US at the end of 2021, students find it more shocking that the story is true.

After having some volunteers attempt to translate the story, have the JTE help you translate as necessary as you go through the story one more time (one picture at a time) slowly.

Hand out the worksheets. The top part has the script you read. Read through it again slowly with the class. Point out where passive voice is used (by then with the translation, they should understand why passive voice is used over active voice).

Put them in pairs/groups (for larger classes) or just raise their hands to speak in front of the class (for smaller classes) about what advice they have for the situation. (What should have been done? How can that situation be avoided in the future? What can students personally do to keep safe? etc...). This section is interesting because some students will have an opinion on the story.

Give students time to fill out the bottom where they can express their own shocking news story. I tell students that fake stories are okay as long as they write that it isn't true. Give students 5 minutes or so to volunteer their stories. The more fake stories there are, the more interesting it will be. Hope this activity is useful!

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    1. shirokuropino December 6, 2022

      I'm confused. I can't find any passive voice in the script. The underlined parts are relative clauses. Isn't this a relative clause exercise?

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