Media Diet

Students read an article and talk about their media consumption habits.

Submitted by Jake W

February 21, 2019

Estimated time: 30-50 minutes

First I introduce the topic of a "Media Diet" to the class. The students may not be familiar with the word "diet" in this context so I explain that it means what kind of media you watch or read - things like TV, newspapers, and web sites. Next I ask them read or skim the articles in the "articles" file. They're intended for native speakers, so unless it's a very advanced class you probably want to summarize the main points of each article, which argue two different points about media consumption.

Next, I pass out the discussion sheet. In my conversation classes I generally ask the students to write their opinions and ideas first and then discuss it with a partner or small group before discussing their ideas as a class.

This is an open-ended activity designed to facilitate discussion. I'd say it could be done with an advanced class of high school students, but generally I'd recommend it for adults who have been studying English for a while. You can simpify or explain it more to make it accessible to a wider variety of students.


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