This makes me feel... (blursed images)

Reaction activity with students, practicing the grammar point: (object) makes me feel (adj.)

Submitted by BoyNamedCrow

June 29, 2022

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

The powerpoint has 10 images for students to react to. I tried to find some wacky ones, to keep things interesting.

Open up the powerpoint, and introduce the activity. Say that they will be reacting to images, and writing down an adj. from their word box to discuss how they feel.
Proceed through the powerpoint. Show the image for 10-20 seconds, then ask the students to write down their initial reaction. Give them maybe 30 seconds for that (and to share with a partner, if time allows).

Quick and simple!

Note: All images are sfw, of course. Though... the dugtrio one may raise some eyebrows.

-Changed images to try and get a wider variety of results.
-Added a personal photoshop. You may want to change this.

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    1. HTemple July 1, 2022

      I wish I could have used this earlier this year!

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