I want to go to...You can see/visit

A presentation about different countries and what they can visit or see there.

Submitted by crisxselda

July 12, 2022

Inspired: Travel the World

Estimated time: 10 minutes ~

This was originally 4 different presentations for 4 different classes but I consolidated the slides to make one big presentation to be shared here. We gave our students a chance to look up different countries and choose one they'd want to go to and make a presentation about. I then collected their answers and made presentations. Feel free to use and modify as needed. I hope this saves you some time.

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  • Virtual Tour ...You can see or visit.pptx (121 MB)
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    1. Bonjure289 July 12, 2022

      I would probably use this if it was not the end of the unit, because it is well done. A couple of nitpicks though, I would not use the for Niagara Falls and Whistler Blackomb, for the Taj Mahal, you have the twice, and used Egypt twice in the slides. I appreciate you showing place that might be familiar and new ones, so they can learn more about different places! Thank you for making this.

    2. crisxselda July 12, 2022

      Thank you Bonjure289! I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for helping me fix issues I overlooked while making and consolidating the slides.

    3. kusobaba July 13, 2022

      Really nice, must have taken a while to make. Thanks for sharing.

    4. ashgalethia November 28, 2022

      This really helped me with my classes last week! Thank you for your hard work

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