Let's Make A Pizza

Activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 7: What do you want?

Submitted by Hilda

July 27, 2022

Inspired by: What do you want? 4th Grade

Estimated time: 15 minutes including the demo.

This is the same as "parfait what do you want" by Alora18 except that it's a pizza.
Almost same target language was used.

First, my JTE and I demonstrated to students how to use it, then asked for 2 volunteers to do the small talk using this PowerPoint. Then we shared this PowerPoint to the students, then they did the small talk by pair using their tablet. We gave them 10 minutes to do the small talk and they had fun doing it. When they are finished making pizza for each other, and there are few minutes left, they asked me if they can do it again, and we allowed them.

Target language used:
A:What do you want?
B: I want (tomato), please.
A: How many?
B: Three, please.
A: Here you are.
B: Thank you.

JTE and I walked around to make sure that everyone is using the target language while doing the small talk.

I used this last year when I was teaching in Shibuya where the students have PowerPoint installed in their chrome book. But for this year, I am teaching in Kawasaki and the students are using google slide in their laptop. So, maybe we can only use this for demoing, but students will use worksheet instead of PowerPoint. I don't know yet. Maybe some of you know how to use it in google slide? Please share your thoughts about this.

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