Days of the Week Board Game

Just a really simple board game to review the days of the week.

Originally geared towards 4th grade Let's Try 2 Unit 3.

I used this for the last half of the lesson, after we covered how to ask "What day is it?" "It's _______." and reviewed all the days.

Split them up into groups of 2-5, depending on the class and how the teacher wanted to make the groups. Each group got a game board and a dice. They used their erasers, pencil caps, etc as their game pieces.

As for game play, janken to decide the order of who went first. Then everyone in the group asked the player "What day is it?" and the space the player landed on has to say "It's ________." This way everyone has to talk! I left the flashcards of the days on the board for the students to refer to if they weren't confident or couldn't remember. I let the students decide whether they wanted to make it a rule to be able to look at the board or not. ;P

**To spice it up, I made it a rule so that they had to have a perfect roll to make the goal to finish. It really heated up the competition!

Submitted by shinjirarenai September 7, 2022 Estimated time: 10~20 minutes
  1. Umakara September 15, 2022

    What is the meaning of the space 4th from the goal that has all the images? Are they meant to say every day of the week if they land on that space?

  2. shinjirarenai September 16, 2022

    @umakara Yes! I had an extra space, so I thought I'd just put everything on it and make it a say everyday space. A lot of kids ended up landing on it actually and it they ended up calling the 'jigoku space'.

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