Where is Pusheen?

Give directions to help Hello Kitty follow Pusheen around town.

Submitted by hnnhdwn

October 17, 2022

Inspired by: Pikachu! Where are you?

Estimated time: ~20 minutes

An activity I made for New Horizon 5 Unit 5. Pusheen and Hello Kitty have picnic plans, but it seems Pusheen forgot!

This is inspired by Lucasmh's "Pikachu! Where are you?" I wanted the students to be able to make the character go anyway they wanted so instead of having the character in the powerpoint, I printed and cut out a Hello Kitty picture and used a bit of tape to stick her to the screen.

-Cut out the Hello Kitty before hand (you could really use any character or thing for this but Hello Kitty matches the gif at the end).
-You can use the first slide to review places in town if you'd like, or cut it out completely.
-Go to the third slide and stick Kitty somewhere on the town map. I started at the 7/11.
-Click to make Pusheen first appear.
-Ask students where Pusheen is and then have them direct Kitty to her.
-Once Kitty catches up, click again to have Pusheen run off to the next spot.
-Chase Pusheen around town till you find her sleeping at home.

I hope you enjoy!

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