Pokemon Memory Maze

Simple powerpoint maze activity to practice "turn left, turn right, go straight"!

I made this activity as a part of a directions-focused lesson for my special needs student, but I think it could be a fun warmup or review for a full class!

Have the students search for the pokemon one at a time, in the order they appear at the bottom of the screen. Starting where the player character is on the slide, have them call out "go straight!" "turn right!" "turn left!" to move through the maze as you point along. Each exclamation point in the bushes cooresponds to a pokemon, and clicking on them will take you to their slide (click the pokeball to go back to the maze). If the students find a pokemon other than the one they're supposed to be looking for, send them back to the start. The "memory" aspect comes out as they hunt for pokemon they definitely stumbled on before! I also had my student spell out the target pokemon's names to "catch" them.

For a larger class, you could put up a vote at each intersection, or potentially run this as a quick team tournament and have one team route you through at a time! The pokemon can be swapped out of course if there's any you know your students love - I chose mostly ones I thought would be recognizable, and Goomy (Numera) since he's my favorite :)

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    Submitted by kirig19 October 20, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

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