Halloween Guess Who

It is the spookiest time of the year and there are monsters about in the classroom! Students will be placed into pairs and must determine which monster their partner is!

This game is played a lot like the board game guess who. Students will be placed into pairs of 2 or 3 and recieve a deck of monster cards as well as a board of 24 monsters. One student will choose a monster card and the other will beginning asking questions to determine which monster their partner is.
For my students, I created (and will include) a list of possible questions they can use to find the monster. For the first couple of rounds, I allowed my students to ask as many questions as they wanted, but only allowed them two guesses when they had to find the monster.
After this, each round I adjusted the rules. I had them turn over their question sheet so they could no longer rely on it for support, I limited the amount of questions they could ask, and created rules like "you cannot ask questions about color, clothes,etc) for my more advance classes I created a rule where they had to choose two monsters to guess.
This is a fun guess who game that has a cool halloween twist!
Attached is the board I used for my guess who game. I also used this template for the monster cards they would draw (So I cut some of them to make them cards.)
I had my students use the backs of the cards that were not selected to cover the characters they ruled out during the game, but you could also get some sort of chips or candy maybe to cover them.
I used a timer for each round and had students guess for about 2-2:30 mins.
To set up, I also had students repeat monster names, and went through the pre made questions to ensure that they understood voabulary words like "bald" or "facial hair."

I hope you enjoy! :)

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    Submitted by hmgeil October 26, 2022 Estimated time: 10-30 mins

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