Reindeer Race

A Christmas read & run game

Submitted by mssamansa

November 21, 2022

Estimated time: 40 min

Just your average read & run game with a Christmas theme. I use this for my classes who are already familiar with Christmas traditions and just want some festive English review. I've attached the question worksheet, reindeer tokens, a Christmas tree for the finish line, and blank question cards to use if you like! Enjoy!

- Print / cut out and add magnets to the reindeer tokens for students to move across the blackboard
- Prepare 8-10 questions (Ex: What color do you like? What do you want for Christmas?) in English and hang the question cards around the classroom and/or in the hallway if allowed.
- Draw a "race course" on the blackboard with some kind of finish line.

1. Divide students into groups of 5-6 and assign each student with roles A, B, C, etc. and hand out the question worksheet.
2. Student A will find the first question, read it, and then relay the question back to their group.
3. The group works together to write out the question on their sheet and come up with an answer.
4. Student B takes the question and answer to the ALT or JTE at the front of the class. If the question is correct and their answer is satisfactory, they can move their reindeer token one space on the board.
5. Student C goes to the next question, repeat steps 3 & 4.
6. First group to reach the end of the race course wins!

- Students should NOT bring the question sheet when reading the question, but SHOULD bring them when checking their answer with the teachers.
- I recommend having the groups start on different questions to minimize traffic jams.
- In the past I've also included conjugation and vocabulary based questions in the cards. They don't all have to be straightforward Q&A. You can also have the questions written in Japanese if you want a translation element.

  1. zeezee03 December 23, 2022

    I played this with my JHS students today. They loved it! Thanks :)

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