Fast Fashion Kahoot

A quiz/presentation with some video slides about the environmental impact of fast fashion. Also has some slides that introduce a few sustainable fashion brands in the Philippines.

Submitted by ArianneO

December 9, 2022

Estimated time: 35-45 minutes

Made this kahoot quiz/presentation as a supplementary activity for Lesson 7 "Behind the Price Tag" from the senior high school textbook, Heartening I.

It's a bit long (27 slides!), but there are only 16 questions in all. The rest are videos and explanations. Videos have English audio but with Japanese captions/subtitles, so make sure CC is turned on.

Was able to do use this in both face-to-face and online (zoom) classes. The most time-consuming part was getting the students to log in and choose their names/avatars, so it would be better to give them a time-limit.

Aside: This lesson really made me rethink about how I consume fashion, so I was eager to do this activity with my students in the hope that they would at least start thinking about their choices too. Not sure if it worked, but I could only try. :)


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