This is my favorite place (Let's Try 2)

A map for practicing directions and different places around the school.

Worksheet for practicing directions to places around the school.

Conversation mode-
A: Where is your favorite place?
B: Turn left/ turn right/ go straight. My favorite room is the music room.
A: Why?
B: I like music.

Present mode-
start at entrance
Turn left/ turn right/ go strain.
This is my favorite room, the music room.
I like music.

The black boxes indicate the "door" of the room. I've also attached the ppt so you can edit your own map.

Small files
  • This is my favorite place Worksheet.pdf (246 KB)
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  • This is my favorite place Worksheet.pptx (1.51 MB)
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    Submitted by grace0103 January 19, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. cycy2014 January 20, 2023

      Thanks Grace. I just did a bit of modification to your ppt and worksheet files.

    2. cycy2014 January 20, 2023

      Hi Grace . I have slightly modified your file. I was unable to upload it ,but I may give it another try.

    3. redshirt January 27, 2023

      This is very good. One thing I did was duplicate the slides a few times and hide a character slightly behind a room so the students can have a few practice goes as a group to give directions.

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