What do you like Pirate Game

Multiple teams compete as pirates fighting to survive by answering questions.

Submitted by snowyLauren

February 3, 2023

Estimated time: 20 minutes or more

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 1 page 18
  • Each team chooses a pirate which will be their team mascot. Each team starts with three hearts (like three video game lives). I write the pirate names on the board and draw three hearts for each. The teams take turns choosing a letter and answering the question (I like ~.). If the question is in Japanese they must translate the question to English (What ~ do you like). After they answer they will either receive a heart, a bomb, or a cannon. For a heart: draw another heart on the board; for a bomb: erase that teams heart; for cannon: the team chooses another team's heart to erase. Even if a team has lost all their hearts I allow them to play as they may get a heart back. At the end of the game the team with the most hearts wins.

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