Character ABC

A PowerPoint with a different character for every letter of the alphabet. Students must guess who the character is.

Submitted by Silverflower18

February 7, 2023

Inspired by: Pokemon ABCs

Estimated time: 10 minutes

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  • Note: I was inspired by Lucasmh's activity, Pokemon ABCs. Thank you!

    Prep: None, just set up this PowerPoint.

    Ask the students what the first letter of the alphabet is. When they reply, show the slide which has an 'A'. The character will be hidden behind a shape. Then have the students try to guess who the character is.

    You can either get the class to answer all at once, or choose one student to answer. If they get it right, click the next button and it will reveal the characters name and face.

    I then have the students spell out the characters name.

    Some of these are easy and the students will guess them right away and some of them are harder, so you might have to give hints. If you don't know some of the characters, try search them up a little before so you can give hints if needed.

    For 4th grade, you can adapt this by just making the letters lowercase.

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    1. fukutanisan February 8, 2023

      M, Q, and X need some double checking.
      But overall this is awesome!! :)

    2. Silverflower18 February 8, 2023

      @fukutanisan Thanks! I've edited the issues, but unfortunately I can't seem to re-upload it :( I will try again tomorrow!

    3. lizhatesfizz April 26, 2023

      This is fantastic, great characters and effects. Thanks for sharing!

    4. Sean1112 April 26, 2023

      This is a great idea!

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