"How can I get to....?" New Crown 1 Directions

Simple worksheet and writing activity to practice giving directions.

This is a simple worksheet to help students give more complicated directions. It focuses on Pg 107 of New Crown, "Excuse me. How can I get to _______?"

There is a map with 7 characters who are asking for directions to various locations. The students need to answer the questions and correctly guide the character to their destination! The last character (Yuuko) is an open question, so the students can choose any of the locations. In addition to the textbook's use of 'turn right at the corner' I also taught my students 'blocks' (go straight for two blocks). This was a difficult activity for them! My JTE really wanted them to practice writing directions.

Before doing this activity, I wrote the target words/sentences on the board and reviewed them with my students. We then practiced giving directions by using this interactive directions game:

I encouraged the students to use the more complicated phrases, so instead of just saying 'go straight' they'd say 'go straight for two blocks' or 'go straight, then stop at the second corner'. I think having this visual really helped the students to understand the assignment more before we jumped into the writing practice.

You can also encourage your students to use ordinal numbers (first, second, third) when talking about corners!

I also printed pages 2-3 double sided on a paper, and then had page 1 (with the map and locations) as a separate paper.

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