Getting into High School and College in America

A very dry description of the application processes in America.

Submitted by jackcket

February 20, 2023

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

My students are currently going through high school entrance exams, so I thought I would tell them how the other half lives! They weren't really that interested, but maybe someone could jazz this up and do a better job. If I did it again, I might focus only on the biggest difference, that you don't need to apply to high schools, and just skim over everything else. It's an opportunity to share American culture!

I would recommend this for third year junior high students or older. (Because they relate to it more, and because the content is difficult.)

  1. ChetBorneo February 21, 2023

    Thanks for this from an Englishman. Im often asked about the process in the UK and US and I have no idea about the US so this is actually very useful.

  2. majime February 21, 2023

    very informative , as I am often asked about the (non) entrance exam system in the States...and I had forgotten about the ACT, even though I was required to take it after entering university in my Freshman year...several decades

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