Valentine's Day Song Quiz

Love is in the air and it sounds like it's time to listen to Disney songs! (and Titanic!)

Submitted by xxjanism

February 21, 2023

Estimated time: 35 to 50 minutes

I was inspired by a Christmas music quiz but could not find it to credit it, students had a lot of fun so I decided to make one for Valentine's Day!

Print out the slides in whichever way you like, make sure words are big enough for students to see.
In the past I have given each student a copy or made a big copy for each group.

I started with a short presentation about Valentine's Day and explained that love can be among friends and family, thus I included Toy Story's "You got a friend in me" at the beginning.
You can divide students into groups, pairs, or have this be an individual activity. I found that group work was best for my larger classes.
I played each sample a 2-3 times or more depending on students, then we reviewed the answers together.
My students were not too familiar with Disney songs so I did the following depending on their level:
- write the answers in the board along with homonyms
- write the answers in the board along with words that rhyme
- write the answers in the board and have them match to fill the blank
I also had them repeat the words on the board.

At the end, I thought that it would be nice to sing along to the class' favorite song (:

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  • Valentine songs.pptx (135 MB)
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    1. Rilakkuman February 21, 2023

      Nice PPT with the music embedded!
      BTW, I'm shocked that your school let you print such beautiful color illustration worksheets.

    2. xxjanism February 24, 2023

      @Rilakkuman Oh, no no, my school would not xD I printed it black and white (:

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