Let's Try 1 Unit 9 "Who are you?" Guessing game

This is a speaking activity I used with my 3rd graders. Feel free to revise it as you see fit.

Submitted by okayer

February 27, 2023

Estimated time: 10-15 mins.

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 1 page 34
  • Materials you need:
    small flash cards of the animals from the textbook
    A4 sized flashcards of the animals

    • make sure to demo it first with the ALT.
    1. choose one card that you like and keep it a secret.
    2. janken with the HRT, the winner goes first. (winner is A, loser B)

    conversation flow:

    A: Who am I?
    B: Are you a _________ ?

    A: (if correct) Yes, I am. I'm a ______.

    A: (if wrong) No, I'm not a ____.
    B: Who are you?
    A: I'm a _

    • don't forget to post the a4 sized animal flashcards so students can easily refer to it when guessing.
    • tell the students they can do this 3-5 rounds with different classmates.
    • feel free to revise the conversation script depends on the level of your students.
    1. rusty bucket March 3, 2023

      Thank you for this, I played a tweaked version of it with my 3rd graders and they loved it.

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