Protect the Carrot!

Inspired by "Protect the Cheese! - Places in the City Edition"

My students loved the original cheese hangman game and asked if I can make another one but with a carrot for the year of the rabbit.
Thank you @taliwah for creating such a fun activity!

New places:
1. hot spring
2. aquarium
3. theater
4. mountain
5. stadium

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Hangman Rabbit.pptx (7.77 MB)
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    Submitted by xxjanism March 7, 2023 Estimated time: 10 to 20 minutes
    1. VinShida March 8, 2023

      Is this a 5th grade game like the mouse one?

    2. taliwah March 9, 2023

      The heart eyes are a nice touch, this looks great!!

    3. xxjanism March 15, 2023

      @taliwah all thanks to your orginal idea and tutorial! :)

    4. xxjanism March 15, 2023

      @VinShida Yes, its a rabbit version of the mouse game !

    5. jintapatchi09 March 16, 2023

      This is fun. Thank you.
      Is it easy to explain how change the words?

    6. jintapatchi09 March 16, 2023

      Sorry, I didn't check. There is a tutorial at the end of the ppt. Thanks agai ^o^

    7. akopoito March 20, 2023

      Wow, this is cool. Amazing work.

    8. xxjanism July 13, 2023

      @jintapatchi09, no problem, thanks to taliwah for making that tutorial :D

      @akopoito, thank you!

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