🐁Protect the Cheese!🧀-Places in the City Edition

(Here We Go 5, Unit 8) A hangman-style PPT game where you protect a piece of cheese from a very hungry mouse!

There are 5 rounds total.


Click on the purple square to reveal a letter. If the guess is correct, the letter will appear in the yellow square.

If it's incorrect, click one black rectangle to make it disappear. Do this from left to right. A losing animation will play after the last rectangle has been removed.

If they complete the word, they win! Click the green music button to play victory music!

Press the SPACEBAR to advance to the next slide.


The vocabulary words included are:

Set 1:
bookstore, gas station, library, supermarket, and restaurant

Set 2 (added 3/30/2023)
park, temple, post office, flower shop, and fire station

You can find the answer to each slide in the PPT notes.

There are sound effects, maybe you'll recognize them!

You can make your own version, I've included a "Master Copy" slide and a video tutorial in the PPT. I use WPS Office (a free Microsoft Office alternative) so there might be some differences, but it shouldn't be too difficult to navigate!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Gr5-U8 Hangman.pptx (7.11 MB)
  • Gr5-U8 Hangman (Set 2).pptx (7.1 MB)
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    Submitted by taliwah January 24, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes (per game)
    1. Rilakkuman January 25, 2023

      I love these activities. Nicely crafted.

    2. AsakawaSune January 25, 2023

      This is great! I laughed out loud in the staffroom when I saw the animations.

    3. GaeilgeAmee January 25, 2023

      The cheese starting to sweat was so funny! Nice work!

    4. MinamiCat January 26, 2023

      Very cute! Nice alternative to hangman! I'm going to try my hand at adding our current vocab words!

    5. floydo June 14, 2023

      How did you get the students to answer? Do you make them answer in groups or individually?

    6. taliwah June 22, 2023

      @floydo Individually! They raise their hands, I (or their teacher) pick a student, then they choose a letter.

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