This is my day QUIZ

Quiz game to go along with Let's Try 1 Unit 9.

This is my day QUIZ is a schedule quiz that I made for me class. It goes over all the vocabulary shown in Unit 9's story plus a few added vocab which was pretty easy to explain and for the students to remember.

You can do this quiz game as a teachers vs students style, or in a group versus group style.
The object of the quiz is not only to guess the correct schedule but also to be able to say it (that's how the group gets the point).

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  • This is my day QUIZ.pptx (2.56 MB)
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    Submitted by aschultz March 8, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20mins
    1. noveena March 8, 2023

      This looks very nice!
      Just to check, is this supposed to be for Let's Try 2 and not Let's Try 1?
      Thank you for sharing! :D

    2. ChetBorneo March 8, 2023

      Who's doing their homework at 5:30am?

      Looks great though!

    3. tami101 March 9, 2023

      From memory, I do my own schedule of when I was in Catholic Primary school and I get a lot of interesting questions from the kids.
      When do I go to the toilet? :D
      Why did we eat at break time
      How many times did we pray
      What times does school start and end
      How long for summer break, etc.

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