Wordwall a great alternative to Kahoot

It's a website where you can make or search for games and activities. Perfect for ipads and can cover most lessons from ES to JHS. Need a projector or a tv in your class with access to internet.

So, this was my new find this school year. I have been using it a lot with ES and JHS. It's very interactive and fun for the students.

I have personally bought an account, but you do not need to. You can just browse and find a game that works for the material you want to cover by typing in the community page search bar what you need. You can also create a free account which allows you to create up to 5 activities and edit them at will. Be careful however, if you delete one and create another one, it still counts as 2 activities that were created, so don't delete and make sure you pick 5 different templates for diversity purposes.

And should you choose to go the paying route, you can pay for one month, create as many games as you can, unsuscribe and your games will still be there and available for you to use. This would just cost like 8 or 9$.

You have many different games templates like crosswords, unjumbling sentences, anagrams, quiz shows. They can be use for multiple purposes, whether you want a full class game in teams or individual games that they all compete against each other individually.
The most popular among my students are the maze chase, the train and the whack a mole.

In my experience, it's especially good to get the kids reading grammar points or vocab. I've used some of the spelling oriented games on 3rd graders ES and as long as they have the card on the blackboard or their textbooks, the games have run very smoothly.

The leaderboard is definitely a fun feature, very similar to Kahoot, aside from the fact that up to 40 names can be added to it, so a whole group of students can enter their names. There are also no limits to how many people can play at the same time. Just press share, they scan the QR code on their ipad and they can start.

However, to change the settings of each game, lives, time limit, showing answers or not, you have to create an account.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. I've been using this website for a whole year now, but I think a few other ALTs have also taken advantage of their games.

Submitted by Nordmagie March 17, 2023 Estimated time: depending on the games you choose or make, it can go from 5min to 30min
  1. Beestonian March 17, 2023

    I get bored with Kahoot being the same quiz format every single time. I wish we had more liberty to implement different rules and point scoring systems.

  2. noveena March 17, 2023

    Thank you for sharing this resource!

  3. iainmclark March 17, 2023

    It is great. I have an account. Should note that free accounts can only make so many wordwalls. It is very much worth the 600 or 900 yen per month. I use it every day. :)

  4. risachynn March 17, 2023

    Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Rab507 April 4, 2023

    Do you pay monthly or yearly? I guess monthly would make more sense. : /

  6. Nordmagie April 5, 2023

    @rab507 both are possible.

  7. Sarachans May 16, 2023

    I really like the activities, but I’m having issues with the iPad in full screen mode where it often minimizes the activity if dragging an item a certain direction. I want to use those gap fill activities but it’s kind of annoying to use if not in full screen mode. Do you have any solutions? How do you usually do the activities?

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