Random Animal Spinner

A simple SPIN and STOP wheel with animal names and images.

UPDATE: As requested ;) I created a wheel with 20 animals, which is also customizable. Have fun!

WooHoo! This is my first selection wheel.

This was only created for practice because I had yet to learn how to make a random spinner for my other PPT games.
Now that I had made it, I thought it would be a waste to just put it away in a folder.

So, here you go! Use it for whatever you like. :D

I have also included instructions on customization

How to use:

Press the SUN to spin the wheel.
Press the SUN again to stop the wheel.

EaSy Peezy Lemon Squeezay!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Animal Spinner.pptx (4.14 MB)
  • 20 Animal Spinner.pptx (8.43 MB)
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    Submitted by Matsue2012 April 24, 2023 Estimated time: n/a
    1. Jed101 April 24, 2023


    2. Matsue2012 April 25, 2023

      NP :-D

    3. Agenius5 May 13, 2023

      This is very useful. Thanks for making it!

    4. akopoito May 13, 2023

      Thanks for sharing.

    5. PrinceA May 23, 2023

      A great piece of work

    6. MRDaniels1980 May 24, 2023

      This is perfect for a bingo spinner, except it is just a few short to make an even 20 or so. With six more, we could use this to randomly have the students possibly get bingo from this. I counted 14 I think? Is it possible to add six more for bingo? I can do it myself, but I don't know exactly how. This is amazing, however. Thank you!

    7. Matsue2012 May 26, 2023

      Ask and thou shall receive XD @MRDaniels1980
      Here you go, a wheel with a total of 20 animals, 20 slots :) Enjoy!

    8. Maria16 June 18, 2023

      Thanks 😊

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