Countries - Where do you want to go?

Introduction of some countries

  1. Introduce the countries in the textbook, Here We Go 1, pp. 10–11.
  2. Introduce some other countries that are not included in the book. Use the PowerPoint and practice the conversation, "Where do you want to go?"
  3. Students practice the conversation on the worksheet a few times with different partners. Students draw a star in each country their partners want to go to.
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    Submitted by akopoito April 28, 2023 Estimated time: 25 minutes
    1. Furachan April 28, 2023

      Looks great there. I'd recommend if you add "s" to some words like sausages, koalas and hamburgers. "The pyramids" would help too. I think usually it is called the River Nile.

    2. akopoito April 30, 2023

      @Furachan thanks. I removed the doc with the countries, I am sorry I can't edit the file, it was not mine.

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