Is this/Is that Card Game

Is that...? GOFISH + What's this...? MEMORY

Submitted by Celestar129

May 12, 2023

Inspired by: This is That is card game

Estimated time: 15~50 minutes (depends on you)

Google Drive Link (Includes Microsoft Word file which is a little big):

These are cards I made which you can use for a couple of games using the Unit 2 grammar points. There is a front and back side, so that the cards aren't see-through. It's best to laminate them so they can be used again.

It works just like GoFish except the students should say "Is that a..." and "No, it isn't" or "Yes, it is"
The second game is MEMORY (shinkei-suijaku). The student picking the card should say "What is this/that?" and their partner should flip it over for them and say "This/that is a..." The rules are the same as memory; the pairs take turns trying to get matches.
Students will need to be in pairs, or groups of 4 for big classes. They can be in teams if you do a group of 4.

Update: So, I kind of thought of a workaround for actually using "this" "that" spacially. However, it may require you to make a lot of cards. Basically, you can use the "THAT" cards ONLY for GoFish, and "THIS" cards ONLY for Memory. So for GoFish, students must say "Is that a..." And for Memory, they can point at the card and say "What is this..?" Just make sure there is a match for each card in the THIS and THAT deck when you make them.

  1. robertsbp May 12, 2023

    Hey!!! I really like this concept, and the cards are really well made, I love the designs! My one concern is that, while the game is great for encouraging speaking, it doesn't really demonstrate the difference between "this" and "that" spatially.

    Is there a way for the activity to be played to better reinforce that concept?

  2. RoselleDesigns May 12, 2023

    This looks like fun!
    Maybe you could have the students split the playing area (with a pen/ruler/etc) so they can use 'this' with the cards on their side and 'that' with the cards on the other. If using different desks, use 'this' for cards on your own desk and 'that' for cards on others' desks.

  3. RoselleDesigns May 12, 2023

    You could also explicitly tell students that you use 'this' with the cards within reach of you, where as if you have to reach and point you should be using 'that', which follows real-life usage

  4. Minet Minutes May 12, 2023

    Hi!This is a nice idea.Thanks for this.Could you share us also the edited version of this?Thanks!

  5. Celestar129 May 16, 2023

    @Minet Minutes - Hi! I'm not sure whatyoumean by the edited version, but if you mean the microsoft word file which can edited, there is a Google Drive link to that in the description!

    @RoselleDesigns & @robertsbp I agree that this activity doesn't really have the usage of "this" and "that" spacially, and that's kind of what I am trying to figure out (I haven't used the activity yet). I was thinking for GoFish, they should explicitly use "that" when asking what the other player has. And then for Memory, they should keep "that" and "this" cards separated so "that" is farther away from them. (I also like the pen idea!) Please let me know if you think of anything!

  6. natashio May 22, 2023

    Hey, using this method for the memory game at least it seems you can practice this/that spacially!

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