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New Horizons 3 Grammar Point __________ makes _____ ______. (Page 12)

Okay so I didn't actually expect my kids to love this game so much. I honestly thought it was a pretty sub par game, but my kids ATE IT UP.
So this activity is heavily inspired by @UonumaRobert's 'What makes them happy quiz', so shout out to them for uploading their version. I think mine is different enough to add it as an activity though!

The rules are simple. Break your class up into 6 teams (or however many you usually do). You'll need whiteboards and markers for each team. Give them the document I've attached (the one with names and adjectives), and explain the rules. Use the ppt to do this. They have to fill in the blanks in the sentences on the PowerPoint. The first blank is for them to choose a name. The second blank is for them to choose an adjective. They can use the sheet with names and adjectives to help them. The aim is to guess the sentence I had written.

I awarded points based off if their answer made sense in the first place, creativity, and gave a point for each answer they got the same as mine (e.g. if they wrote the same name or adjective as I did). The point system got a bit messy I'll admit and in the end, I gave more points for making me laugh than anything else. My students crushed it honestly, and some of their sentences were hilarious. If you want a more fair point system, I'd recommend being more rigid in point giving than I was. My kids enjoyed the competition of trying to make me laugh the hardest, so I played into that a bit.

I used the first sentence as practice to show them what I meant and guessed as a whole class. It starts with, 'Curry and rice makes ____ ____.' I give hints for each round to make it easier to guess my answer. The students caught on quickly and it was a really fun way to get them talking and using their imagination.
Note: I mention my name and my JTE’s name, so change that before you play. It’s on both the PowerPoint and the document. On the 2nd page of the document, you’ll see space for writing their own sentences. We didn’t get to this, but of course if you want to use, get rid of, it’s all up to you!
(I’ve attached the PPT as a pdf as well, so you can view before downloading. Let’s try and reduce those costs for Jake!)
Hope this helps 😊

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    Submitted by deedeek May 17, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 mins
    1. Domdijock May 17, 2023

      This is a really good idea! I'm a little terrified letting my students write what they want, but I also know they'll love the opportunity to be creative and get me laughing! We got some students that will be writing some interesting sentences for sure!

    2. deedeek May 18, 2023

      @Domdijock don't worry, I was too! I have some really cheeky students in 3年 this year. I was half expecting them to write inappropriate sentences but none of them did! I think having the sheet helps. That way, their focus is on the words I already provided, rather than thinking of other (more inappropriate) ones. Good luck if you try it! I'm sure they'll make you laugh!

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