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A wide variety of English board materials for all times of the year!

Submitted by sophie

May 18, 2023

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As I make more materials for my English boards, I will add them here! At my base school, I update my English board on a monthly basis, so there is a lot of seasonal content to reflect that. Some of it might seem a bit strange when taken out of the context of my ideas or accompanying paper crafts that aren't in the files, so feel free to ask questions about things and I'll be happy to explain! :)

Small files
  • haiku corner english board.docx (11.1 KB)
  • december english board holiday materials.docx (632 KB)
  • january english board new years materials.docx (615 KB)
  • april english board materials.docx (26.5 KB)
  • valentines day how other countries say ily.docx (108 KB)
  • january english board mochi fillings.docx (174 KB)
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  • december english board materials.docx (1.52 MB)
  • february english board materials.docx (6.12 MB)
  • march english board materials.docx (2.44 MB)
  • may english board materials.docx (1.23 MB)
  • june english board materials.docx (3.97 MB)
  • mothers day fathers day english board.docx (1.38 MB)
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    1. CullerTr May 29, 2023

      Hello! I love the June English board materials. I work at a junior high and they do not monitor what I post on the board, however, I am nervous about putting Pride material on the board. I am a queer person myself and I am not out at work, so I do not know what to do. D you have any advice about handling this situation. I would love to share this on my English board.

    2. sophie May 30, 2023

      @CullerTr I had the same nerves as you, so I showed my supervisor JTE the materials and asked her if it's alright if I put them up and she was totally on board! Having a coworker that I know is an ally and will back me up if there is any backlash has really helped ease my anxiety about it. :)

    3. CullerTr May 31, 2023

      Thanks @sophie. I actually showed my head JTE what I wanted to include on the board, and she did not bat an eye. She was right on board with it. I was so relieved!

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