Envelope Game (3年 Unit 1; Unit 2 Review)

A fun team activity which requires arranging sentences (cut-up in envelopes) in the correct order before the other teams.

I did not come up with the idea for this game, but I am providing the printable sentences and sentence sheets which I prepared specifically for Unit 1 & Unit 2 of New Horizons, 3rd graders.

Detailed explanation of the game:

1) There is a photo of how to draw the table on the blackboard
2) There are 20 typed-out sentences using grammar from all of Unit 1, 3 nensei New Horizons textbook. You can print this, cut up the sentences, and put the into numbered envelopes.
3)There is a sheet with 20 lines for students to write the sentence after arranging it.
4) You will also need: Small envelopes with numbers on them. Using my sentences, it would be 1~20 (you can choose how many you want to use)


-Place 10 envelopes at the front of the room, and 10 envelopes at the back of the room. Students put their desks together to form groups. Only one person from their group at a time should get up to grab an envelope/put it back/draw circles on the blackboard.

-They can grab only one envelope at a time. They will put the sentence in the correct order, raise their hand to get you or your JTEs attention, and you must check if it is correct before they can go mark it on the blackboard and grab the next envelope. (All the while, at least one person from their team should be writing the sentences down so that they can remember when they finish the worksheet)

-ALL people in their group have to finish writing out every sentence, and you must check, before you can tell them their rank to write on the blackboard.

-1st place is the fastest, last place is the slowest.

*Note: I originally had 10 evelopes, but it went by so fast (maybe 15-20 minutes) and my JTEs wanted me to use the full class, so I doubled it to 20 envelopes. Please adjust it depending on how much time you want to use.

Submitted by Celestar129 May 18, 2023 Estimated time: 20-40 minutes (depends on how many envelopes)

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