Is this a....? Picture Gap Guessing Game

This is a quiz based on Blue Sky 1 Unit 2 to practise asking 'Is this a...?' 'Yes it is/ No it is not'. It is Detective Conan-themed

  1. I made a quiz with 10 questions. Since I'm British, I included a few British things that I have told the kids about before, but you may want to change those for something different/ something related to your country. To make the questions, find the picture you want to cover, copy the black boxes from a previous question, delete the picture beneath them, get rid of the animations, and add your own animations set to 'Clear'. I gave the quiz a Detective Conan theme, but feel free to change/ get rid of it.

  2. 10 boxes clear per question. Use the example question as a model with your JTE. As each box is revealed, the JTE will ask 'Is this a...?' and you will reply with 'Yes it is' or 'No it is not'. When they get it correct, reveal the full picture.

  3. Students raised their hands to ask each round. After each guess, reveal one more square. If you like, when a student is wrong, you can give one or two students a chance to try and guess, or move on.

  4. Points are rewarded in negative correlation with the boxes that have been removed, so if one box is removed, they get 10 points, if 10 boxes are removed they get 1 point as so on.

  5. At the end, ask students to count their points. The students with the most points wins.

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    Submitted by phoebefay May 18, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes

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