What's your dream?

Grammar - to be, to + 動詞の現形 Find your partner with the same card by asking "what's your dream?"

This is based off of New Crown 2 Lesson 2's grammar. It includes Get Part 1 vocabulary.

1. Print one set to use.
2. Divide the cards into enough sets so that every student has a partner when played.

Activity instructions:
1. Write "What's your dream?" "My dream is..." on the board. Have students practice saying it.
2.Give each student a card and tell them not to show the other students
3. Have them stand up, go around the room and ask each other "what's your dream?/ What do you want to do?"
4. They answer what's written on their card, "My dream is to be an astronaut."
5. The goal is to find the person with the same dream and sit down.

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    Submitted by Kopycat May 19, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes (but it depends on class size)

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