Activity is centered around practicing pronunciation.

  • What will she buy me?

    A speaking activity for 2nd year JHS students to review the use of "will" and SVOO.

  • What ________ do you like?

    Students ask their classmates on what kind of music, movies, or TV programs they like.

  • Fun trivia activity (What's this?)

    A short and fun mini-trivia activity that includes many random things related to Japan as well as funny tricky items that hopefully leave the students laughing. (Target 4 - Blue Sky 1)

  • Battleship for 1 nen Are you..?

    Are you__? questions battleship.

  • Tongue Twister Telephone

    Team game with tongue twisters!

  • Dates (Months & Ordinal Numbers)

    5年 New Horizon - Unit 2 When is your birthday?

  • Birthday Minecraft English Review

    Simple powerpoint team game to practice months + ordinal numbers. All credit to TakoyakiTacos, I just entered random dates so that you don't have to.

  • What's your dream?

    Grammar - to be, to + 動詞の現形 Find your partner with the same card by asking "what's your dream?"

  • Months and Days Sugoroku

    Sugoroku game for practicing saying the months and days. Each space corresponds to an actual holiday.

  • Lets Try 2 Unit 2 weather and clothes matching

    Worksheet where students put the correct clothes / accessories in the correct weather box.

  • If I were a castaway - Second Conditional

    Imagine what you music/book/luxury item you would bring as a castaway on a desert island. It's after British radio show called Desert Island Discs.

  • Battleships "When you're ____, do you _____?"

    Battleships game incorporating the "when you're" grammar pattern from Here We Go 2 Page 15 (Unit 1 Part 3)

  • Self-Introduction Penpal Videos

    Students watch and exchange videos with foreign students!

  • Whack-o-Mole! 🕳️🔨 (Speaking Pair Activity)

    This is a pair speaking game that requires students to make sentences in order to hit their partner's mole. (similar to battleship)

  • Bad Luck Billy (from Taysteachingtoolkit.com)

    Fun, fast-paced vocabulary practice for JHS 一年生、二年生、and 三年生! Each PowerPoint is for each specific grade level, New Horizon Lesson 1.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Let's practice shapes with Totoro and others

    Let's Try 3 ~ To find the hidden characters they have to say the name of the shapes and their colors as a review.

  • Japanese Words in English

    This is a slide to introduce Japanese words that have made their way firmly into English, and what they sound like there!

  • Snorlax Eating Game - Food Vocabulary Review

    A fun way to review the vocabulary for food.

  • Let's Try 2! Unit 9 Daily Activities

    Simple warm up activity for learning daily activities/routine.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 9 (Kahoot! review and quiz)

    A simple quiz game you can use for review and warm-up for students to memorize daily routines based on Let's Try 2 book.

  • Self introduction for 4th grade

    A worksheet activity that is good for a year end review. You can revise it to what you want for your student to practice. As for this WS, I include the country of origin, colors and what they have.

  • L & R Telephone

    Pronunciation Practice with L & R

  • "How much . . .?" Games

    A couple games using pictures of food and prices from Junior Sunshine 5.

  • Simple Past Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy game about Simple Past Tense, but with surprises. THIS IS FROM A GOOGLE DRIVE. I WILL POST THE LINK. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oQMjJzvG7MVNJKQFvuBd0q6AFJyDtYQKukqqBJJQilM/

  • Phonics Long Aa Short Aa

    Reading practice for Long Aa Short Aa pronunciation

  • Food Color Group Sugoroku

    This is a short board game I made to practice saying food color groups for 6th Grade

  • Where are the Pokemon?!

    In teams, students direct the ALT, or whoever is running the slideshow, through various school layouts searching for a specific pokemon.

  • Santa, Cookie, Elf, Candy, Snowman Game

    This is a Christmas card game similar to the game "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza". It's like Karuta but a bit of a level up.

  • Spelling Race Game

    Two students race to select a card spelled by the teacher.

  • Kirby Dessert Dash (Phonics Game)

    Split your class in 2 and have them listen to a word and then attempt to write it based on the pronunciation! Good at getting all the students involved in bigger classes.

  • Karuta English Listening Activity

    Listening game inspired by the Japanese card game, Karuta. Uses a graded reading telling a story about Greenland.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • Halloween Tongue Twisters

    Three fun English tongue twisters guaranteed to get your students tongues wagging instead

  • SpyXFamily Pencil Case

    Simple classroom practice for stationary items, just made it fun with spy family gifs

  • One World Smiles 5 and 6 Picture Cards

    All picture cards for one world smiles 5 and 6. of course other texts may use, but the order of the lessons is different, just keep that in mind.

  • Zoo

    Rhythm based game in which students practice gestures and animal vocabulary by passing play back and forth in a circle.

  • It's Talk-o-clock!!

    A full lesson based on : "What time...?" questions

  • Hilarious Dress Up Game

    Can be use for any review or grammar practice.

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